Features and Specifications of the FIX NEO II light

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Super Compact

Super compact size to fit into the palm completely and ultra light weight. You can realize the usability at the moment you took the NEO light in your hand.

High Power LED

The NEO light is realized the maximum light-quantity of up to 4000* lumen at the same level as a headlight of automobile. By the beautiful light distribution picks up underwater world spreading out vividly in your front. *FIX NEO Premium 4040 EF/DX II

Electronic flash (EF) mode

You may not need u/w electronic flash anymore. The EF model emits a flash of up to 4000 lumens. This feature utilizes a sensor which receives a signal from the camera's flash via a fiber optic cable and emits short duration flash.


Three buttons give total control over the light. Press the round button to power the light on. Press again to cycle between 100%, 75%, 50%, and 25% power. Hold the button to turn the light off. The right and left buttons can be used to increase and decrease the light output in 1% increments. There is also a lock switch to use while traveling.

Color LCD

The data displayed on the color LCD panel makes information easy to recognize.
Remaining Battery Power: 4 level bars Output
Amount: 0-100%
Remaining Burn Time: is an estimated value calculated
SOS Mode: "SOS" for emergency use
Blink Mode: "BLI" flashing mode for attention
High Temperature Protection: "HOT" warning

LCD Icons

The occupied function is displayed with a color icon.
Battery warnig: Blink on safety mode
Spot: Spot beam
Wide: Wide beam
Red: Red beam
Blue: Blue beam Remote:
Remote control
EF: EF mode

Replacement of the light body

The NEO can change the model by replacing a body. *EF body does not work with SWR or SW

Replacement of the light head

The NEO can change the model by replacing a light module. *SWR or SW does not work with the EF body


Removable, compact and high-power battery. The NEO light batteries are approved for airline travel.

Battery Charging

The NEO lights can be charge two ways; conveniently through the back of the light leaving the NEO sealed or by removing the battery to charge independantly. Charge one set of batteries while you're using another set. Swap batteries between dive to keep shooting throughout your day.

Water Resistant

The light module is sealed independently and is water resistant. (The battery is NOT water resistant)

Surface Use

The NEO can be used on the surface. It has an automatic power reduction mode when the light gets hot so you do not have to worry about damaging the light while preparing for a night dive, or after getting out of the water. (Except some models)

Remote Control

The FR1 Remote Controller is available as a separate accessory and can control up to four* NEO DX lights. *The FR1E is up to two lights


The NEO light includes a YS mount, ball mount, GoPro Mount, Loc-Line adapter, and a Gungrip handle to hold the light.

NEO Filters

The NEO Filter is available as a separate accessory and can correct the color temperature of the light.