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Wide + Spot + Red beam

High performance focus light
The NEO Mini provides excellent photography utility with two types of
beams. The light can easily mount it to the housing with a bundled YS adapter.

USB charging
What easier way to travel and charge your NEO Mini than with the world standard Micro-USB connectivity.
Charge the Mini from your laptop or any other standard USB connector.

Battery status indicator

Highly visible and easy to read, the NEO Mini FS's battery status indicator needs only a glance to know if its ready to dive.

Normal mode
Full: green
Half: red
Safety mode: blinks in red

Auto shut-off mode
Full: green
Half: blinks in red and yellow
Safety mode: blinks in red

Normal mode: Full

Normal mode: Half

Auto shut-off mode: Half

Auto shut-off mode

The NEO Mini FS detects the flash from strobes and automatically shuts off the red or white light output.
After 1 second from the auto shut-off, the light turns on again allowing you to capture the next shots.

Red beam normal mode
Though strobe flash is successful well, the image is red tinted.

Red beam auto shut-off mode
There is no effect of red tint on the subject.

White beam normal mode
There is no catch light in the eyes of the fish.

White beam auto shut-off mode
A catch light is in the eyes of the fish. It makes more presence.

When you set the strobes for the manual emission, the light turns off automatically, but undesirable influence appears to the image.

Movies (Vimeo)

Switching the spot and the red

Light output adjustment

Flashing signal mode

Automatic shut-off mode [Spot beam]

Automatic shut-off mode [Red beam]

Spec. [NEO Mini 1000SWR FS]

1000 lumens(Wide)/600 lumens(Spot)/50 lumens(Red)
Beam angle
100 degrees(Wide/Red)/30 degrees(Spot)
Burn time
90 min.(Wide)/100 min.(Spot)

NEO Mini Specifications

Light head color
Frosted Silver
Usability in air
Usable (At high temperatures, light output automatically reduces)
Battery capacity
Charging time
4 hours max.
Battery type
Depth rating
W38 x H40 x L141mm
Weight (in air)
Weight (in water)
Set includes
Li-ion battery, Battery charger, USB cable, YS adapter, Wrist lanyard, Spare O-ring, O-ring grase, O-ring remover, Allen wrench, Lock screw

*Two CR123 batteries are also available.

User Manuals [Jp/En]