FIX Maintenance Kit

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FIX Maintenance Kit
All-in-one kit for your regular and right after dive maintenance. This kit was produced upon ideas we received from many active divers.

FIX Maintenance Kit Light
Set of the most necessary basic consumable tools for the maintenance.

Waterproof case approved by the U.S. Navy. Made of the thick plastic material to guarantee its durability. Can be also used as the waterproof case for your accessories.

Spray the parts where the salt crystallize at most, shutter lever or buttons, to dissolve the remaining salt particles. This will keeps the mechanism works properly. After applied for 20-30 minutes wash the housing with fresh water.

Lens cleaning liquid & paper
The most usual cause of the mildew is the dust, dirt or fingerprints remained on the lens. The lens, as well as the housing's glass, can be easily cleaned with this liquid cleaner.

O-ring remover
Shaped to reduce the risk of cutting or scratching the o-rings surface and make the removal process easier.

Three Types of cotton swab
Cotton swab shaped especially to take care of the o-ring's grooves. Three types are included to fit various shapes and depths of the groves. Special coating is used to make the cotton hard to molt.

Blower&Cleaning cloth
While blowing out the dust from the lens with your mouth, remained saliva can be the reason of the later mildew. You can use this lens cloth for cleaning the camera's display as well.